Jindex CNC Intelligent Oscillating Cutting Machine JD-AS Series
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Cutting machine transmission system adopts imported linear guide rail, rack, gear, cutting precision completely reaches zero error;Japanese MITSUBISHI servo motor with high speed and precision;Equipped with 43MM thick high-strength aluminum honeycomb board with a precision up to 0.3mm, the air adsorbed in the zones will automatically open and close with the change of cutting path, and there is no need for manual button switch of inhaling in the zones to ensure the maximum adsorption of the material in the cutting area.
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 Electric Osicillating head, strong force, high Oscillating  frequency, up to 25,000 times per minute.

Cutting machine transmission system adopts imported linear guide rail, rack, gear, cutting precision completely reaches zero error

The machine has function head optional: vibration knife, round knife, V scissors, V knife, creasing wheel and drawing pen, etc.It can cut asbestos gasket, rubber gasket, honeycomb board, plastic corrugated board, plastic hollow board, grey board, composite material, rubber board, pearl cotton and EVA board etc.

Programmable multi - axis motion controller, stability and maneuverability to reach the leading technical level at home and abroad.

The surface of the machine is made of fiberboard imported from the United States.

The use of fully independent research and development of the upper computer control system, that is, learn to be able to humanized control interface, support remote teaching, remote maintenance, remote upgrade, so that customers use more at ease.

Can connect any CAD software, widely used in gasket industry, clothing industry, composite materials, luggage industry, automotive industry, advertising and printing industry, decoration industry, furniture industry and other industries of drawing and cutting.

Optional loading rack and automatic feeding device.


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